Again but Different

Yet again in Love.

Where Love seems to be sitting, sleeping or smiling next you like a kind stranger.

Is it really me you are looking for, it asks.

Is it really me that you have found, it asks.

I look on. Bemused. Blank. No particular answer coming to mind.

Love has thrown me into a tizzy. It has given me a conundrum to solve.

Do I really know it? Can I ever claim to know it?

Same old questions again. But yet, something is different this time.

The questions are gentler, kinder, and deeper. They are urging me to come closer to the truth by going far away.

They are begging me to practice non-attachment.

I had never really lived in the moment before. Because the moment after always brought more fears and questions.

But today … I sit, smile and sleep next to Love.

Calm. At peace. Wiser and braver.

The proverbial leap of faith added depth to my flight, and will take me a long way.


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