Why does the century old overhaul of 365 days make us reminiscence the past like nothing else does? Perhaps, only loss and death stand in equal comparison to this emotion. Why do we want to turn back and hold onto that, which is intangible, unquantifiable, unidentifiable – and keep it with us for a few more moments.

It is time that helps us evolve every year. It is time that heals the old, broken us. It is time that gives us hope. And it is time that marks the beginning and end.

What if we were not conditioned to live by the 24 hours of a clock to the tune of 365 odd days? How different would our lives be? Divine chaos or unfathomable anarchy?

Time teaches us discipline. Without it, we may as well be indulging in hedonistic pleasures every single hour of the day, and drinking to the Bacchanelian future of whatever may be.

Time makes nostalgia and sepia-tinted memories bittersweet, while overturning the colors of each season, and of each life cycle. Time gives us the yin and yang ironical ability of looking back and moving forward. Without time, our sense of self would be an incoherent and inchoate mess. We would live entangled in the embryonic bonds of our sub-conscious – not knowing where to begin from.

This is why, every single year of our lives, we learn to begin afresh and end afresh. Some call it the cycle of life. Some call it the change of seasons. But in essence, time teaches us the passage through life.

Verum cum haec esset in singulis nobis sapientia quam parum intelligimus de anima nostra , et mundus per circuitum nostrum.
True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.
- Socrates

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