The Process

All those articles about putting pen to paper, or in today’s times, fingers to keyboard and clickety-clack away your musings to give shape to the raw gem of a thought are all so true. The general opinion about blogging is that it does not qualify as worthy literature that can be read or perceived seriously. Blogging is the elucidation of viewpoints. But does it do a good enough job to link those viewpoints to a serious contemplation of context and background of the topic on-hand that is being discussed – perhaps not so much. It also depends on how much the “blogger” wants to build a certain pace and tempo to what is being written. Should one just jump straight to the point and begin writing? Today instant knowledge, instant gratification, instant achievement – is everything. The laborious efforts that go into writing where one should be dwelling on the choice of words, sentence construction, the right pauses, the logical points at which to begin and end a paragraph (signalling the start/end of a certain thought being explored) … is not the emphasis these days.

Every idea becomes an idea worth exploring. An idea worth talking or writing about. If we forget to write about that idea or thought, it can forever be lost and then the aim of instant gratification would never be met. There is always a fine line between being opinionated and having an opinion on everything. There is also a fine line between the maze and haze of social and digital media that throws a plethora of varied content at you via myriad mediums AND how much would you really like to consume, internalize and let it affect your thoughts and visions about things in general.

…. And such long sentences in today’s times are also a rarity.

A status update on Facebook and a tweet on Twitter has made us ready with a quip here and a chirp there. Always ready and armed with a smart response to everything.

Post modernism could well be about the voices in a person’s head, but in times of the social media, it is all about the voices out there jostling to get a significant mindshare and space in our lives to create opinions and needs where perhaps none are required.

I have titled this post as “The Process” because off late I have begun to view “writing” as a task or a chore. It’s the memory of a sepia-tinted old love … you know you used to love writing … but whenever you want to go back to it, you feel tied down. You feel as if it blossomed for you once upon a time, but now, it will just make you feel worthless due to your inability of stringing a couple of sentences together. And by saying “couple”, I am being kind to myself. Coming across four-five short stories that I wrote during the kinder half of my twenties made me feel wretched. The easy flow of thoughts into writing made me proud of my self back then.

Every Sunday, I have wanted to write something. I thought that probably using pen and paper would be less intimidating than using an overheated laptop. But no. Even today, I wanted to push myself to write some languid poetry or some pithy short story or worse comes worse – a nano tale (a writing style that I recently came across). But the mind and paper drew twin blanks. And that is how this post shaped up.

Hopefully, next weekend I would be beating up myself a little less, and should be able to write something worthwhile.


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