Istanbullu Love

Two things that you cannot ignore or happen to miss when in Istanbul, are the lovers and the cats. Istanbul is full of cats. Sadly enough, I don’t have any pictures of them. But they are there everywhere. They will stare at you from precariously perched positions on a window sill and decide to cross paths with you in the alleys in majestic maneuvers.

The abandon with which lovers love in public is not something we are used to from where I come. A combination of social conditioning, family ethics, and moral policing prevents a public display of love in general, whether overt or covert. Not to say that one can’t find lovers sneaking a moment or two for themselves in some park or dark corner of a street. But in Istanbul, we had the great fortune of coming across many of them, some of whom I unwittingly captured. Just because they looked so cute and pretty together.


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