Unfinished Business

‘Oh, you’re back’.

‘No, it’s just your imagination’.

‘Ah, missed your sarcasm, like I would never miss the hair on my head’.

‘How can you miss something, when its so much an integral part of you too?’

‘Why have you come back?’

‘Unfinished business’.

‘Being vague and aimless never helped any purpose or cause. Why are you back?’

‘I give the best possible answer, and you reject it. I am afraid to say more’.

‘Right. Fine. I shall leave you to figure out your unfinished business’.

‘But, how can you leave? You are my unfinished business’.

‘No, I was your project, which nosedived and failed miserably. And somehow, I ended up feeling so much for you and for all that you lost, that I forgot to feel for myself’.



‘What a poignant tear-jerker of a narrative. You were always good with words.’

‘I know. And I really think I should leave, before more of them are exchanged between you and me’.

‘Are you afraid?’

‘Afraid of what?’

‘Words, ofcourse. What else could I be possibly referring to?’

‘See. This. This is what I don’t want to either be faced with or have to respond to. This convoluted line of assessment, analysis and judgement that you carry out on me, smirkingly, while you sit coy and act abstruse and naive when I ask you questions. No. I am not going to subject myself to this.’

‘We were just talking about your fears. What are you getting so worried about?’

‘Fears can be quite worrisome, you see. And usually, not easily aired or spoken about. Actually it really depends on the person’.

‘You are rambling’.

‘I know. I am.’

‘Why don’t you just tell me, what are you so afraid of?’

‘This dialogue never began with it being about me. It began with me asking you why are you are back’.

‘And I gave an answer, which you don’t want to accept. How is that my fault?’

‘How can I be your unfinished business? Are you honestly and seriously telling me that?’

‘Yes, I am. It has been difficult for me to reach this conclusion, but it is what it is. And I know, that it won’t be easy for you to accept it. But you can atleast try to.’

‘Try. You want me to try? After having faced the brunt of my infamous capabilities, you want me to try?’


‘And, all of a sudden, its supposed to be so simple?’


‘I don’t know’

‘Well, that’s a start’.


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