The Room

The child walked down the street searching for its humble origins. He did not know from where it began and where it was going to end but he continued walking. He turned into dark alleys and grey corners where puddles of hope had turned into grim slush under receding footsteps.

He suddenly came upon a house with dimly-lit windows. The sense of no recollection or memory of where he came from and where he was going – assaulted his already vulnerable sensibilities. He knocked on the door but no one answered it. He tries to open the door and it opens with a slight creak.

The interiors of the house are a pleasant contrast from the dismal environs in which it was located. Strategically placed lamps enhance the play of soft light and shadows on the walls of the quaint, musty-smelling house. The mist was beginning to rise outside.

If he had to momentarily forget his displacement, while looking out of the windows, he realized that it was a beautiful evening. The stars had just begun to peep out from behind the white wisps of clouds dotting the brown horizon.

The lack of a soul inside the house that he had randomly ventured into was not surprising or disconcerting for him. But what did surprise him was that he had been expecting it – for no one to be there. He wandered around the house which interestingly had only one room.

The room was bare. Not cold and gloomy, as if devoid of something, but just bare. But as soon as he stepped into it, a wave of warmth washed over him. He was taken aback by the feeling. He looked out of the window – the mist had begun to clear out and the moon was out in its full cratered splendor.

He came across a vase with a bunch of azalea and balm of Gilead in it, and some heliotrope carelessly mixed with them. The vase had been kept right at the end of the window sill. The child picked it up and kept it on the floor.

The room spoke volumes about the life that had once existed within the four walls, and was now that much conspicuous with its absence. Besides the vase there was not a single article of furniture or personal belonging in the room – which should have lent it an eerie feeling, one that is inexplicable but engulfs you nevertheless. But what was more inexplicable than that was the fact that the bare room comforted the child and encompassed him its warm embrace. It lent him solace after his tiring journey. It whispered calm words into his ears. The child lay down on the floor and curled himself into an embryo-like position and finally slept with a smile on his face.


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