Laughing, weeping, writing…

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Laughing Weeping - 1

‘I’m very shallow and jolly’ laughs Deborah Moggach as she begins to introduce herself at the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) taking the stage to converse with Manu Joseph, Gary Shteyngart and Ashok Ferry to talk of humour in life and about ‘Laughing, weeping, writing’, her latest novel.

One can anticipate a fun session just by the way the authors begin the session.

‘My father asks each time, I write, if it is any good for the Jews’, Gary adds on with a straight face as the audience erupt in laughter.

Speaking about humour and comedy Deborah says ‘I think there is no situation that has no humour.’

‘In US you can write anything. There are more writers there than there are readers’, Gary ventures into the conversation. ‘In fact I write a lot for I have a whole lady reading my works’, he adds good-humouredly. Humour preserves the art of…

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