We are all Damaged

We are all damaged.
The pain and hurt that we suffer never really leaves us.
The scars are there forever to remind us of what could have been right,
remind us of what should not have been wrong.

We are all damaged.
We look for shelter, we look for relief, we look for sustenance.
Within ourselves, outside ourselves.

We are all damaged.
Pain is inflicted upon us. We inflict pain upon someone else.
We are victims and perpetrators.
We look for self-serving solutions at the cost of crushing not bodies but souls.

We are damaged because we think we can move on from pain.
But we are really just moving on from something we cannot fix.
Moving on from something that we have failed or something that has failed us.
It is never bad to move on. Clinging to pain is not life.
But moving on to reduce your pain, while leaving somebody else in greater pain, is no moving on.
You move on, you crush a spirit.
We are all damaged.

A word or an action can bring on the damage.
A work or an action can dispel the damage.
It’s the choice that determines our every step.


6 thoughts on “We are all Damaged”

  1. I feel like you could most likely teach a class on how you can make an excellent blog. This is amazing! I’ve to say, what actually got me was your style. You definitely know the way to make your weblog much more than just a rant about an problem. Youve created it achievable for folks to connect. Very good for you, due to the fact not that numerous men and women know what theyre doing.

  2. For what its worth, the layout is absolutely remarkable. You know the way to balance writing and images/videos. Even so, I cant get over how small you actually bring to light here. I feel that everyones said the same thing that youve said over and over again. Dont you feel its time for something more?

    1. Hi Wyatt..I wouldn’t outright disagree with what you are saying here…but sometimes the simplest of emotions are reiterated or probably need to be reiterated, in order to be actually felt or understood. Sometimes the stuff that comes out can be personal..which is why at times it can seem almost generic and not really individualistic (no matter how much we try to make it). But having said this, I do agree with you that there should be something more than just trying to elaborate on a problem…

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