Existentialism 3.0

The voice cries out.

But its sucked up into nothingness.

The darkness engulfs you. The air is claustrophobic.

The blank space claws at you.

You run in the opposite direction…only to run into some more nothingness.

Your eyes search for something. Some light. Some movement.

There’s nothing. Just you. And the darkness.

The dark space watches you in anticipation.

What will your next move be?

You cry out once again. Can somebody hear me?

There is an ear-deafening silence.

You feel every inch of your being coming alive.

Every inch shoots pain into your brain and then takes the pain back to its origin.

Your breath is frantic. Matching the thoughts in your mind. But the thoughts are nonsense. They have stopped making sense even to you.

Am I the only one hearing my voice?

Its a valid question since the universe around you has chosen to observe you rather than lend a helping hand.

Yes, I am indeed the only person who can hear my own voice.

The universe was born deaf and blind.

It can’t hear you or see you.

You exist by yourself. On your own.


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