Heart of Darkness

The apathy in our hearts born out of the selfishness which constructs our egos and gives us a sense of “self” is more often than not, the cause of self-destruction. Teachers who shaped the golden ages left the lessons and merits of meditation. Renounce material desires and worldly pleasures and seek to know the essence of “who you are” in silent and introspective meditation. Those who pursue this path with all sincerity and honesty, swear by its effects. The effects of realizing the “truth of being”; the role a person plays in this wide universe, is but very very minimal, in the scheme of things designed by an undefinable higher power. The cosmos is vast enough to take you into its embrace when you are born, but its vastness can also engulf your very sense of existence.

You are born into a heart of darkness.

The darkness in humanity is reflected in the darkness of the cosmos. One does not need to commit a huge sin or crime to be worthy of that darkness. The mere respect that one abuses and loses, and which is the very foundation of a relationship between any two individuals, is the beginning of that darkness. Everything, all matter, big or small in magnitude, originates from somewhere. That single point of origination is what one needs to ponder upon. Everything begins from a single point and has to end at a single point. A point is a catalyst of all things, good or bad. A point is small, and may seem deceptively non-threatening, but within it holds the power to trigger off a universe of possibilities.

To meditate, we need to cut bonds and live in isolation, but yet we could not have come into this world alone. Our birth could never be an act of/in isolation, so why seek the essence of truth in life, in isolation? We need to minimize feelings, emotions and desires to the minimum possible, to expose and understand our raw selves. We have to remove the layers and uncover the self that lies hidden beneath a web of many-hued realities. But, our progress and growth as an individual through the years, as we head towards adulthood, is but a sobering to the world around us. And when we are expected to think and act mature with age, the layers are bound to be there. To expose our real self in every situation, would mean losing our most primal self-protective mechanism.

The world around us has got created for a purpose, and we as natural beings, fit into that purpose. Now, whether this is a higher power’s personal design, made to coincide and clash with our inner sense of self and reality…is difficult to say. And perhaps a question, which never was meant to be asked or answered.


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