Very Pinteresting.

The latest fad doing the rounds is a visual delight. It’s not a Farmville or a Second Life where you nurture a definition of life which you may not be able to nurture on a day-to-day basis. It lends myriad-hued dimensions to a somewhat monochromatic life.

Pinterest is the new kid on the block, and if surveys are to be believed, is all the rage amongst the female population around the world. One may wonder why. I can only attempt to hazard an answer for that basis the feelings I harbour towards it, by virtue of the fact of belonging to the majority.

When a friend mentioned Pinterest to me, I wasn’t too kicked about it. I tagged it off as one more of those inane trends that solicitously do their rounds till they are carried about on the shoulders of enthusiastic trend-hunters, and then given a rude shrug when the buzz and glitter begin to fade in intensity. One day out of sheer curiosity, I happened to visit their site. Once there, I was solemnly told that since people were rushing to be a part of this site, I would be sent the gilt-edged invitation within a span of 24 hours. Till then, I would just have to wait in anticipation.

And, lo and behold, promptly after 24 hours, I had a Pinterest invite comfortably nestled in my inbox, waiting to be cracked.

Once registered, I took my baby steps into the world of Pinterest. The concept had an instant appeal because the site is quite aesthetically designed, yet clean, simple and unassuming. What you pin up there is what contributes to its overall looks. The instant appeal was also there because as a kid, I have had a board in my room, where I have pinned up everything and anything that caught my interest. It could be my latest Bollywood crush, or a painting that I made, a poem that I like, family snapshots, or some bizarre piece of craft work I made in school.

Pinterest, for me, just took that childhood fetish and expanded it onto a bigger and if I may say, more dreamier platform. Dreamier, because, it gave me boards where I could pin pictures of “My Favorite Spaces”, “Places I Would Like To Go To”, “My Style”, “Products I Love”, “Favorite Books”, and “All-time Pop Culture Favs”.

These boards contain the visualizations of fantasies that we may or may not be able to live in this lifetime. But just the simple act of pinning them on a virtual space, makes us feel as if we are pinning a wish out there, and silently praying for atleast some of it to come true some day. Whether its pictures of Paris or New York, which I am dying to visit or those drop-dead gorgeous dresses that I would love to buy and more importantly, fit into!

Or just random things that need not necessarily have a relevant meaning or connection to your life…but you still feel drawn to pinning them…because their pretty, eye-catching, amusing, or simply surreal šŸ™‚

With Pinterest fast catching up as the next platform to be exploited by brand management & social media marketing gurus…one can only wish that the basic essence of this idea remains and does not fade out with time.


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