We’re All Stories in the End

I came across this quote on Pinterest: “We’re all stories in the end”.

It got me thinking. It made me think that how easily and effectively a few words…a short sentence…a pithy phrase….could capture one of the basic truths of life.

If one really does think about it…we all really  are stories in the end.

Every individual constitutes  a different story. A different reality. A different outlook.

The many stories, realities and outlooks, gives the world around us, the diversity with which it breathes and moves along.

And its the different story that everybody carries with them that makes this world a better place. Or a very interesting place.

A story can be a bildungsroman. A rites of passage in a journey which will take away a lot from you, but also give you a lot more in return. And what you get in return, may not be initially noticeable. And you may end up lamenting your fate and cursing your actions. But you surely will get back in return.

We may give God the position of the narrator in the stories of our lives. But somewhere down the line, we realize that we are the scriptwriters ourselves.

Our stories may be the most fascinating part of who we are as people. The way our lives pan out, when we think about it in retrospect, catches us by surprise many a times.

It’s a little web we weave. God gives us enough free will, if not all, to shape our own paths and be able to take that right turn when the road divides itself into two.

Whether the ending will be a happy one or not, we do not know. Though obviously the bias would angle towards it being one.

We are, indeed, all stories in the end…


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