Only Yesterday

Only yesterday were the colors of spring shining through,

new buds replacing the old ones,

the morning awash with the freshly fallen dew.

The sparrows from a bygone era,

would hop about and sit on the vines trailing the contours of the house,

and discuss the day gone by.

Only yesterday did the first drops of rain fall on my papers,

from a leaky corrugated tin roof.

Children setting sail to paper boats in muddy puddles,

or squealing with every new height their kites gained.

Only yesterday did the heat and cold,

under the same sun and moon,

parch the earth,

and replenish it,

in a never-ending cycle.

Only yesterday,

did the fireflies caught in a jar,

let loose at night,

show the direction towards a path,

from which return was difficult.

Only yesterday did maps and calculations fail me.

Only after yesterday I have learnt,

that I need to close my eyes,

and follow the pulse in the air,

and someday I’ll reach where I need to be.


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