The Curtains Fall

The final twirl swished between the two bodies,

the final soaring notes come to a breathless halt,

the last beseeching look was exchanged.

She slowly but surely begins to move away,

he wants to hold onto that hand that was warm in his just a minute ago,

but he has already begun to feel cold with the space that is increasing with each second.

The eternal question of “will she or won’t she” begins to taunt every breath that he takes.

But he knows somewhere deep within him that she won’t.

She won’t turn back. She won’t look back.

The last act is all she had left in her, and she had given it to him.

But now the curtain had begun to fall.

The sound of the applause was not reaching him,

he was deafened by the sound of the void.

He knew he would never see her again.


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