Bend in the Road

“A Few of My Favorite Things” is a poem/song which I absolutely adored in my adolescent years. The adoration probably came from the fact that such simple and easy-to-get things could make a child’s world full of happiness. Now that I look back, I can safely add another layer of reason to it, by saying that the simplicity of want back then must have made me love the poem. It’s sad that a child’s wisdom wears off with age.

The list of favorite things in adolescence is a short one. But with age, it becomes longer and obviously, tougher to achieve. Poets like William Wordsworth have lamented the passing away of one’s childhood years, when faced with the strife life brings you, as you grow older. There is a constant harking back to those years which, whatever you may do, you cannot bring back. More than innocence lost, its peace lost. A peace that you will search for within yourself and outside too, for the rest of your life, and will only momentarily think you have you have gained some, through some transitory mode of satisfaction.

The phrase “sleeps like a baby” did not come into existence without any reason. Why was it not “sleeps like a middle-aged man?”

Everybody, at some point of time in their life, cross a certain threshold after which their life slowly begins to end the way they have lived it, till then. It’s a bend in the road, which you don’t want to take, but know deep within that you will end up taking it. A bend in the road, which will take away the peace of wisdom you had as a child. The peace of wisdom that gave you a sound sleep. Unafraid of what tomorrow might bring your way.

The dark circles under that person’s eyes who works long hours, are the pits of nothingness that will soon blind him to himself. The faraway look in his eyes, when he takes a deep drag of the dying ends of a cigarette, is a look that tries its best to crack open the future.

The hands that begin to shake at forty, are trying their best to hold on and let go, at the same time.

The last sigh that leaves the body, is powerful enough to capture all that ever was.


One thought on “Bend in the Road”

  1. They say, man is never satisfied with what he has, yet realizes its worth when it is gone. Story of our lives.
    Each age, each milestone in our wonderful journey called life…is a reminder of not only all that we were, but all that we shall cease to be henceforth – the physical, the form. We think we shall never be the child again, never have that peace. Yet, we forget, that by seeing life that way, we’re being less of that child that we ever were…in worrying more about what we lose, we’re losing more.
    The key, perhaps, is to remember what we have…the lessons life gives us as we grow…

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