Quality of Life

The granting of constitutional or legal rights. What do they really mean?

If as citizens we have to fight for the basic rights to live and speak, living as we are in times of great uncertainty, what is the quality of life?

Can quality of life only be built on the basis of how many social causes we contribute towards or are involved in? Or can quality of life be improved on the basis of how often we pray, chant or meditate? Does quality of life mean being one with all and yet being detached?

We are now living in a time of disturbing change. Changes that can reverse our pasts, present and future in a matter of minutes. Changes that can redefine our interpretations of life as we understand it.

We are living in a world where we fight for freedom of speech, but where ironically, the fight has become more about how one voice can outshout the other. How one voice can drown out the other voice. How one opinion or viewpoint should matter more than the other. It is no more a fight for survival of the fittest. It is a fight to occupy the last available space. Physical or mental.

The mindscape of every citizen in every country is cluttered with a zillion questions, opinions, frustrations, fears and with battles yet to be fought.

But yet the only thing can give us any respite are our dreams. The only escape. Our minds are the only routes to a better quality of life; the only way out from within us.

Our dreams are the unique intangibles upon which we have sole proprietorship. The only part of ourselves where nobody else can clamour for space and ownership. The interpretations of those dreams can be many but the essence can be known to only us, who live them out in our minds.

When we close our eyes, those dreams can change the past for us. Only dreams have the power to change the past. Nothing else or nobody else can ever wield such a power. No matter how fragmented our reality, our dreams for what could be or can be or should be–gives us purpose to move on.

If we want to work on the quality of our lives, there is probably only one way left now. Work on the dreams.


One thought on “Quality of Life”

  1. We dream what we want to…what we crave…what we are denied. What’s important to preserve them…is a sound sleep!

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