Fell in love with him, when I was perhaps ten or twelve
When he held out his hand to the girl running to catch the train, I and am sure many other girls, would have not thought twice before reaching out…and holding on.
He defined romance for me in my formative years and I made every illusion that he weaved through stories, a reality that I would dream of and want to be a part of.

Why have I amongst millions of others sustained this mad devotion over the years? Why doesn’t the appeal of a movie die down after I have already seen it a dozen or probably more number of times?

The answer lies in the feelings he evokes in me. More than it being a silly romantic slushhead notion of falling in love and somehow everything working out in the end….its the feeling of positivity that he brought to the story…that did it for me.

Yes, the scriptwriter also has a big role to play here. No doubt. But the magic just isn’t the same with any other actor. Probably the stories chose him as the perfect actor to essay these roles. Who knows! Don’t think am getting carried away. It’s all destined anyways…isn’t it?

Whether it be him fighting all the odds to be with the woman he loves or never getting married till he gets to be the woman he loves…his love attracts you with its eternal purity.

There is never a moment of doubt or hesitancy when pursuing the goal to be together.

The manner in which he pursues the woman he loves makes many a woman think why all men couldn’t be like him. The way he respects the woman he loves makes women viewers even more bitter toward their real life better halves.

And most importantly…the way he makes every woman around him laugh and smile with genuine happiness….remains with you forever.

When I am sad…or angry…or depressed…or miffed at the world…he’s one of those people who can make me smile and laugh…it may only be through the medium of make believe worlds…but its a world nevertheless.

Shahrukh Khan is not just a movie star who I am crazy about. He is the nostalgia for that love which can never be…but can always make you smile with its shades of possibilities.


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