Is nostalgia the yellowed pages of the diary you kept when the world mystified and stumped you?

Or is it when you kept that first broken tooth under your pillow hoping the tooth fairy would replace it with a surprise gift at night?

Is it the kite flying contests or the cricket in the gully when the homework was not yet done

Is it the distinct smell of your mother cooking or the misty screen of smoke behind which your grandfather sat reading the newspaper

Is it the innumerable fights you had with your sibling over…almost…everything

Or the secrets, promises, heartbreaks of school corridors

Is it the maths nightmare that held you in its unrelenting steely grip

Or your father rescuing you from the wrath of the world

Or perhaps its the nervousness of that first interview

Or the apprehension of results not awaited

That chaat or kebab or phirni that makes your mouth water even if you are miles away

Or the bell tolling in the mandir from yet further away

Could be the drawing you shyly gave to your first grade teacher

Or the poem you were too afraid to recite

Probably the confidence you got when you first learnt to ride a bicycle and a few years later, a car or a bike

The first cake that you burned

The balloons and amusement rides that you loved

Or that one look or glance you wished for

Or the smell of wet earth after the rain which made you inexplicably happy

Or the milk before school that you abhored

Or the first love letter that you shyly passed through your best friend

The classes you bunked

The professors who you mimicked

Or the chat notes you secretly passed around

Or your grandmother giving you a champi just before sleep

The exultation of scoring the highest in the exams and the proud look on your parents faces

Or them holding you when you faltered

That first drive in the sunset with the one you love

All this and probably much more would be the myriad shades of nostalgia that lives within you forever…and makes you smile on bleak days …and gives you reason to continue all for the sake of probably reliving them somehow…some day….

You can add to the list here if a particular memory or memories strike a similar chord and makes you smile to yourself…


10 thoughts on “Nostalgia”

      1. don’t have the desire to remember dreams? is it possible to forget the memory of a thought?

  1. Yes it is. And more so because it helps in the long run. The mind can think several thoughts…there’s obviously no stopping it. But the memory of that thought…whether we are willing to keep it with us forever or let it go….is a choice we make of our own accord.

  2. But let me not dissuade you from remembering your dreams. If they bring along memories that make you happy, then you needn’t justify these moments of nostalgia to anyone

  3. Every memory of a thought…is also a thought in itself…and as uncontrollable as a ‘new’ thought…
    Newez…hope those ‘some people’ can actually control what memories come to them!

    1. You were right. About memories and thoughts, and about memories of thoughts thought.
      Just that once somebody had told me…that if you practice enough…with patience…you can gain control over what you think and what you feel…and I thought, if one could do that then life would be so much more peaceful…
      But atleast for me…try as I may…it isn’t possible. So yea.

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