Mawt apni, na amal apna, na jina

Kho gaya shorish-e-geti men qarina apna

Nakhuda dur, hawa tez, qarin kam-e-nihang

Waqt hain, phenk de, laihron men safina apna

Arsa-e-daihr ke hangame tah-e-khwab sahi

Garm rakh, atish-e-paikar se, sina apna

Saqiya! ranj na kar, jag uthegi mehfil

Aur kuchh der utha rakhte hain pina apna

Besh qismat hain ye ghamha-e-muhabbat, mat bhul,

Zulmat-e-yas ko mat sawnp khazina apna

Az Naqsh-e-Faryadi, 1941

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

A Song

(Neither our life, nor our acts, nor death is ours

Lost in the rumour of the world is that control of ours.

Far is the pilot, strong the wind, the whirlpool’s mouth so near

It’s time we threw amidst the waves this boat of ours.

Part of a dream are, no doubt, the happenings of this world,

The heat of a battle will keep warm this heart of ours.

Grieve not Saqi, this company will come awake some day.

Let us postpone a little while this carouse of ours.

These pains of love are priceless gems, let us not forget.

In dark despair we’ll not inter this treasure of ours.)


2 thoughts on “Sarod”

    1. Good question. I had wondered about the same thing myself when I had first read the poem. But haven’t yet been able to figure out why its titled so.

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