Junk for the Soul

Kids in a supermart are a riot. They will want to plonk themselves in carts meant for the items you are buying and expect parents to ceaselessly push them around and never stop.

Stop the cart at your own peril.

Depending upon the counter at which you stop, either the shampoo bottle will go flying right into the nearby attendant’s expectant hands or the boxes of Choco-pies will be yanked at it, till the cart will just have the toddler and red Choco-pies. You might as well drag around (with your spare leg) another cart for the items that you really came to buy.

Suddenly the kid decides, he has had his fill of cart sailing. So he wants to touch base and go off by himself to explore. He will go yelling down aisles, banging accidently into the fat legs of some aunty, who would like to think that she can freeze him on the spot with one single searing glare. But probably her brood were chickens with not much of cluck-cluck in them. This one glares back, a challenging glare.

The explorations are just a search for synonyms for chocolate. Synonyms that come in exciting shapes, sizes, colors and tastes. So from KinderJoy to good ‘ol gems to sticky lollipops and round-shaped balls of Cadbury chocolates–the kid wants ‘un, the kid wants ’em all. The two varieties of chips and coke aren’t lagging in the race to the cart either.

The devil may care as to what YOU came to buy in the supermarket. The lil devils have their priorities chalked out very clearly. They will never “umm..hmm..ahh!” over choices. They know WHAT they want and they’ll make a dive for it mentally, even before they reach the destination. I think the only dilemma they face is…how much and to what extent can they really convince their hapless parents.

To prevent a bawling kid or a sulky kid or a “you-wait-and-watch-i-will-not-eat-my-dinner” kid or “i-will-drag-my-heavy-heart/legs-all-the way-back-home” kid from becoming a glaring “in-your-face” reality…the hapless parent does indeed give in. They’ll probably give each other reassuring hugs before sleep.

At night, after the mother has cooed goodnight, the kid will think of his next priority. How to battle the odds with his arch-nemesis, the Dentist.


2 thoughts on “Junk for the Soul”

  1. Hey…. its a cute one 🙂 🙂 its like smthing vry natural…while reading i cud picturise kids doing dt 🙂

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