Simon Van Booy


“You were unsure which pain is worse — the shock of what happened or the ache for what never will.”
— Simon Van Booy (Everything Beautiful Began After)


“Perhaps we were each allotted only a certain amount of love – enough for only an initial meeting – a serendipitous clumsiness. When it leaves to find others, the difficulty begins because we are faced with our humanness, our past, our very being.”
— Simon Van Booy (The Secret Lives of People in Love)


“I think we keep these moments of rejection and acceptance very close. I think we carry them always, like cracked shells from which a part of us once hatched.”
— Simon Van Booy (The Secret Lives of People in Love)


“If there is such a thing as marriage, it takes place long before the ceremony; in a car on the way to the airport; or as a gray bedrooms fills with dawn, one lover watching the other; or as two strangers stand together in the rain with no bus in sight, arms weighed down with shopping bags. You don’t know then. But later you realize – that was the moment.”
— Simon Van Booy



“For some people, life is the process of knocking through walls to get out. For others, it is the building of walls.”
— Simon Van Booy (The Secret Lives of People in Love)


9 thoughts on “Simon Van Booy”

  1. “But those who seek only reassurance from life will never be more than tourists—seeing everything and trying to possess what can only be felt.
    Beauty is the shadow of imperfection.”
    — Simon Van Booy (Everything Beautiful Began After)

    1. Am quite curious to know, why have you responded with a quote from the same author, and not with a generic comment or something…that is..if you don’t mind telling me…

    1. Read Everything Beautiful Began After…its a beautifully poignant story…but leaves you with a sense of it being incomplete in some aspect…love the narrative style and descriptions…its so vivid and poetic that you can almost feel it happening. But one would need a different mood altogether to be able to read and understand the story.

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