On a Friday morning…

You open the door to your balcony…

step out…

and while inhaling and exhaling, think about Friday being the summation of the week left behind…and the start to the weekend that should add much color to your pale face.

The spring in your step while you march to office on the last day of the week…is real. The spring in the step makes you forgive your boss the zillion scowls he earns from you every second.


The Friday twilight makes you look up at the sky with renewed interest…perhaps…just maybe…you could spot a constellation here and there…twinkling down at you and saying “its awright.”

The colors blend into you and envelope you while you take that metro ride back home (more on the “metro ride” later; its epic in proportion, is the least one can say) and think of the dreams you lost on the way.

But at your stop when you get off, the sight of children playing in and around a perennially dry fountain which has just filled up with rain water…makes you smile and think…perhaps there is hope after all.


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